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60 Minute Phone Reading

This is my classic and most popular reading. Ive done this one for over 40 years. The one hour reading is enough time to cover EVERYTHING in your life, love, marriage, fidelity, children, career, money, proper paths, spiritual growth. This is NOT a general reading. Spirit will often give me names, dates, locations, and details to give to you. I am an empath. I feel, see and hear things. I interpret what you guides want you to know. People feel well informed and very complete after these readings. Sometimes a crossed over family member will pop in. Every reading is unique and personalized for the client, no cookie cutter general readings. Please send me some photos and I can read on those also. This one reading can eliminate the need for several smaller general readings from others.

Names, Dates, Details, Time Frames, Locations, Colors, Descriptions, Thoughts and Feelings of Others, are often given to me during this reading.

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30 Minute Phone Reading

Sometimes you have a few quick questions, and don’t have a lot of time. I jump right into your reading with no fillers. Please also include photos if you would like.

Names, Dates, Details, Time Frames, Location, Colors, Descriptions, Thoughts and Feeling of Other, are often given to me during this reading.

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15 Minute Emergency Reading

Sometimes you have an emergency and you simply cant wait for your scheduled appointment. I have found missing pets, calmed down frantic wives, and even sat on the phone with a caller while they knocked on their POI interest door, who stood them up. (I told them the POI was sleeping, not blowing them off, and I was correct). I felt their POI energy and saw the bedroom and furniture. This reading will only go 15 minutes, no longer, but I will schedule you very quickly. Same greet astounding accuracy as above readings. You will basically skip the wait list.

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Written Past Life and Spirit Guide and Ancestral Reading:

LIMITED: Only 4 openings per week
This is a written reading generally 4-5 pages long. It takes two days of meditation to prepare and is emailed to you. I will go into your past 4-5 lifetimes in great detail. Where you lived, who you married, children, career, etc. I will also include who your spirit guides are and what Ancestors may be around you. Often I find we bring our past lives with us. Current fears, and learning lessons can often come from past life experiences. This can help you understand your current life better.

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Written or Phone Dream Interpretation Reading:

Often our dreams are signs, warnings, guidance, messages from our guides, premonitions, or simply dreams. I will analyze one dream for you in great detail. Describe your dream, colors, etc, and I will analyze it for you.

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