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About Penelope

A Natural Gift

As a natural intuitive empath, never book learned, Penelope has guided thousands of people onto their proper path for true happiness. She has helped people find TRUE love, helped make TRUE millionaires, helped people to discover their TRUE calling and True path. She shows you the clear paths, the blockages, and what is to come, but ALSO teaches you how to stay on the proper path, to obtain the calm, peaceful, fulfilling, and happy life you are meant to have. Her gifts are God given and come naturally with great accuracy, and compassion. Even bad news is delivered kindly.

A Path To Clarity

She can read if there are blockages on you. She can read past life times but also ancestral readings. Penelope moves the veil and allows you to see what is behind it.

REAL Readings for Serious People

With her kind, soft, and understanding voice, she connects with people and provides a wealth of information. Often during the reading things are revealed to her, that are not even asked about. A name can be given, the vision of a spirit guide, or vision of an ancestor with their message for you, dates, and times on the clock. She lives spiritual and can teach you to do the same.

Your Path, Your Choice

Her goal is to help people be happy, and helping them to make their best informed decisions, to be on their best path. She will not make decisions for you, but will show you the blocks, clear paths, open and closed doors, and what your spirit guides want you to know, so that YOU can choose your actions and your best path.

Tested and Certified

The American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums.
One of the top 10 light workers in the USA 2015/2016

Listed at #6 for On Line Readings; 2022

Trusted By Many

With over 100,000 clients worldwide; her vast clientele includes everyone from celebrities, royalty, political figures, professional athletes, business professionals, to everyday people from all walks of life.